RUSTLESS Technology® is approved by one of the most important manufacturers of construction machinery, agriculture and heavy vehicles, NEW HOLLAND / CASE.

RUSTLESS Technology® is approved by the leader in Europe in the manufacture of industrial trucks and the world's second largest manufacturer of forklifts, elevators, industrial equipment and logistics solutions.

RUSTLESS Technology® is in cement manufacturers, helping to fight corrosion in the fleets of concrete mixers, in the towers and silos for storage of raw materials and finished products, avoiding the expense of millions for maintenance.


RUSTLESS Technology® is at the SAAE of Indaiatuba, a water treatment plant in that region of Greater São Paulo and the reports there are always very positive, the staff of the agency is always available to receive potential customers who want to know the results of the technology better.

RUSTLESS Technology® is partly present in the famous “Fertilizantes Heringer”, installed in its heavy equipment;

RUSTLESS Technology® Cachoeira da Grama is one of the largest coffee processing facilities in Latin America and serves the Starbucks brand in Brazil, the entire structure is protected with Rustless Technology.