Jefferson Tasca 

Founder and CEO

He built a great trajectory in the Franchising sector, participating directly in the development of four Franchise Groups that today are a reference throughout the national territory. In 2013 he started the treatment and corrosion fighting market and 2015 he registered his first patent in the segment. Since then, he dedicates all his Expertise and Know-How in the development of RUSTLESS, a company that less than 7 years has become a reference in its segment throughout the national market. In addition to serving large companies in the industrial, hospital, sanitation, infrastructure, engineering, and automakers sectors, among others, it has commercial operations throughout Brazil and began in 2016 its internationalization process in the United States, Spain, Portugal, Peru, Ecuador and Mexico.

André Cavalcanti


Entrepreneur since 1994 working with his companies in the areas of health, metallurgy, events and technology, being his greatest passion, always searching for something innovative and revolutionary, he thinks that Rustless satisfies 100% this concern for being a cutting edge solution, contributing to economy and environment at the same time. Graduated in Business Administration from UNICAP; MBA in Marketing and Sales from CEDEPE Business School, Head and Leadership from F.Sckaff; Special Advisory in Administration, PEGE; Extension Program in Business Management by CEDEPE Business School; Relationship Marketing by ICAP; Business Training, and Sales and Marketing Administration by F.Sckaff; Special Advisory in Administration.

Alex Matos

Company partner

Entrepreneur, he was elected the youngest and most active Councilor in the history of Peruíbe SP, his entrepreneurial and visionary profile took him to Brasília DF, where he served as the main Parliamentary Advisor to the then Federal Deputy and former Governor of the State of São Paulo Márcio França. Currently, he dedicates all his Expertise and Know-How in the development of Rustless and other companies of his property that operate in several sectors of the economy such as: Engineering, Civil Construction, Construction and Maintenance of Roads and Highways, Rental of Trucks, Machines and Munks, among others.

Celso Hiroshi Hayasi

R&D Director

Graduated in Mechanical Production Engineering from the University of São Paulo USP. He taught courses in Administration and Engineering at Universities in São Paulo and has experience in the metal-mechanical sector, in ceramic tiles and in the construction industry as a consultant and manager. Developed R&D projects in partnership with the Federal University of Sergipe-UFS in Nanotechnology with the main result being the registration of the Industrial Patent: Decorative Phosphorescent Ceramic Plate and Radiation Detector and its Production Process-PI 0804025.

Rodrigo Campos

Marketing diretor

Graduated in Marketing Management from Faculdade DEVRAY; Specialist in Brand Building, with Extension in Digital Marketing; He studied Fine Arts at Panamericana de Design - SP. He served as Art Director for major agencies such as JWThompson and Fischer America, and later became a Strategic Planning Consultant. Awards won: Shortlist in Cannes (FR), Merit in Oneshow (USA), Bronze in El Ojo (Latin), Shortlist Clube de Criativo de SP (BR), Silver in Professionals of the Year (BR / NE), among other nominations.

Robson Pino

Commercial director

Specialist in business development and commercial strategies, he has extensive experience in the business and franchise expansion market. He managed winning teams, always bringing excellent results to the companies where he worked. Graduated in sales, today he makes a difference in the Commercial Director of Rustless Technology.

Jorge André Correia de Melo

Technical coordinator

Architect and Civil Engineer with professional master's degree in Sustainable Local Development Management. University of Pernambuco, UPE, Brazil. Coordinator of the technologist course in construction. Ongoing specialization in Construction Management and New Technologies for Construction.


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