“The equipment is proven to be efficient in corrosion combating. Our next step will be to install this equipment in our machine shop, mainly on lathes that show signs of corrosion, thus avoiding short-term maintenance”

João Neto

FIEC Superintendent

“Talking about Rustless is very easy and pleasant, because it is innovative equipment. I have been sailing since I was 14, so I became a professional in the field. I have worked in several shipyards and the equipment has shown an excellent result. I have installed Rustless on large vessels mainly due to the difficulty in getting them out of the water to carry out maintenance. Several shipyard owners and commanders are very satisfied with the application of Rustless, which has been showing positive results in combating corrosion and also in electrolysis. I fully approve of the effectiveness of this device and am committed to promoting it”.

Mário Parussolo

Creator and Manufacturer of the C30 Fastest sailboat in the world in its category

“When I first met the Rustless device I was surprised, after all, corrosion is not a problem that is in the media. I have been following and surprising myself every day with this technology. In 2016 we brought a Mercedes Bens C240 year 1982 Diesel to my studio in Sorocaba S / P. The vehicle came running from Rio das Ostras - Rio de Janeiro to Sorocaba. When I opened the hood to see the engine I was amazed ... The corrosion points that existed were stabilized and when opening the Radiator, it looked like there was drinking water inside. You could see the hive, it was so clean”.

Djalma Fogaça

Businessman and Team

Leader Truck Cup

“We installed the first Rustless in Lancha Beluga in July 2016. After 06 months, we took the boat out of the water and observed that there was no more corrosion in the metal parts of the engine, axle and rudder. We currently have 6 Speedboats with the installation of Rustless equipment.”

Marcos Ferrara

Nautical Tourism sector businessman

In Ilha Bela - SP

“I live a block from the beach and was crazy about the corrosion on my old cars, I had to polish the chrome every weekend. After I installed Rustless I don't suffer from it anymore and the chrome is always perfect.”

Marco Antonio

Architect, Businessman, Collector Old vehicles and Founder of KM Rodados RJ

“I met Rustless in 2017. In the same year, we started a partnership for installation in metallic reservoirs, tanks and roofs that needed a solution to treat and combat corrosion. Today Rustless is a reference and a great market differential for us at Diniz Impermeabilizações.”


Owner of Diniz